Modern Slavery Statement

January 2018

Over the last few years, Barker Ross Group has witnessed an increase in understanding amongst its clients, suppliers and workers of Modern Slavery and what this means.

Barker Ross Group has shared its Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking policy across the business and with relevant interested parties to improve understanding and to stamp out any examples of poor practice.  Employees are trained to look out for tell tale signs in behaviour, through the use of audio visual materials and training supplied by the GLAA.

Barker Ross Staffing Solutions continues to maintain its Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authority  (GLAA) Licence for Regulated Activity and actively promotes understanding of this with clients, suppliers and workers alike.

As part of our registration process we meet all workers during registration and they receive a face to face interview. They are asked a series of questions:

1)    Are you being forced to work when you don’t want to

2)    Do you have to pay someone money when you don’t want to?

3)    Are you being forced to live in accommodation against your will?

4)    Is someone controlling your identify documents or bank account?

5)    Is someone threatening or intimidating you or your family?

Subsequently candidates are provided with information on ‘Stronger Together’. 

All copies of documents are copied in the branch and retained.  Workers are asked to provide bank account details, with accounts in their own name.  Instances of multiple address occupation are also checked to ensure against exploitation and Modern Slavery and workers are asked to provide details of their own bank accounts so that we can ensure the correct individual is being paid fairly and promptly for the work that they have completed.

Initiatives such as ‘Stronger Together’ are promoted at branch level to all workers.

Barker Ross Group also has a commitment to ensuring the principals outlined within the Ethical Trading Initiate (ETI) can be achieved wherever possible.

Barker Ross Group has been subject to a number of external compliance and ethical audits from its clients over the last 12 months and has successfully demonstrated appropriate levels of compliance in these audits.

Workers are encouraged to share any complaints or concerns they may have, or to whistle-blow if they are aware of any instances where there are examples of alleged poor practice or breaches of our policy on Modern Slavery.