Barker Ross helps one of their temporary workers' family with organising funeral as part of their 31 acts of kindness

Mariusz Wachowiak Fundarising Towards His Funeral Barker Ross Group

Here at Barker Ross, we have decided to continue our support for people in needs and this year we are representing 31 acts of kindness. Here is our first one this year.

Mariusz started working with Barker Ross back in 2013, He made a great impression and impact with all Account Managers within the Leicester team, as well as a reputation as the most reliable and helpful worker they have ever met. Mariusz was a brilliant ambassador for Barker Ross, He worked with most of the clients our Leicester team represent and he was always ready at the drop of the hat to work on short notice bookings.

Mariusz had the nick name of “Father” because of his caring, helpful and compassionate nature. He would always remember to send wishes to us on birthdays, Easter or Christmas, which was really cute. Mariusz was a funny, happy character, he could talk for hours and hours.

On this sad occasion, we would like to help his family towards organising his funeral and give him the send off he deserves. Any donations would be gratefully received, to help raise the funds towards his funeral.

Please go on his page below and donate if you can: 

Barker Ross Leicester Industrial Team