Barker Ross London Team supports the CRASH Charity and Volker Fitzpatrick

Charity Crash Barker Ross Group Support For London 2019 Homeless People

Volker Fitzpatrick, one of London BRR’s biggest and certainly longest established Clients were supporting the Charity CRASH which helps Homeless and Hospice Charities with Construction related projects, they have undertaken a number throughout the South East this year and one in particular which was based in Canning Town, east London. This was to refurbish a common room / break out area which was in total disrepair in a block of flats where the homeless are taken in for a period of 2 years on the basis that they work with the charity to turn there lives around. The common room was bleak,  horrible and a rather uninspiring place which was totally against the principle belief of the charity. They enlisted the help of Volker Fitzpatrick who took on board the project with full gusto. However once they got into the depths of the building they realised it was going to cost a lot more than the £22,000 the charity had earmarked. Volkers then decided to go out to their Supply Chain and request their assistance, free of charge in order to keep costs to a minimum. This ranged from material suppliers, architects, painters, carpenters, basically the full works on a refurb job. They also came to Barker Ross to supply a number of Labourers and Handymen to make sure the job was completed on time, the cost of this was absorbed by the London office which was approx. £1000 in total.

All of the efforts paid off which resulted in the actual end cost coming down to £18,000.

A opening day ceremony with all those that contributed was organised with each contractor bought onto stage and presented with a certificate of appreciation. There were also a number of residents who gave speeches outlining the positive difference the change has made to their lives.