Barker Ross Great Benefits

UK-based recruitment company Barker Ross says it has seen a noticeable shift in morale and productivity since the roll-out of its latest employee benefit initiative introduced December 2018.

The new benefit of an additional 6.5 days of annual leaves means that employees can now earn up to 50 days paid leave and was launched following a series of staff surveys. Extra days of holiday are the latest addition to the already existing company’s benefits called Gold Club - the package of employee benefits that includes flexible hours and a host of benefits ranging from hotel offers, spa days and membership to various cable channels.

Paul Ross, CEO, Barker Ross said: “One of our key points of difference is that, as a business, we invest heavily in ensuring that our staff have a great work/home life balance and that they feel looked after.  We believe we do this better than many other recruitment businesses and that it plays a key part in our business success.

“By introducing new and different benefits on an on-going basis we believe that it gives a boost to staff morale and business performance.”

The company reaches out to employees every six months at Barker Ross and they are encouraged to use the tool as their voice. Mr Ross says that staff are consulted on all the major decisions the company is considering. “We want to make our employees feel as though they have a voice in the running and development of our business and we find that by doing this we drive better business results,” he added.  

The latest introduction of an additional 6.5 days annual leave gives employees the opportunity to increase their holiday entitlement up to 50 days of holiday per year, either by buying additional holiday days, winning extra holiday or earning it through improved performance.

Tim Sutcliffe, MD of Barker Ross commented: “Employees think it’s amazing that they can now get up to 50 days annual leave and it’s been a really important talent tool in attracting experienced individuals into our business.”

Commenting on the extra holiday, Leicester-based Technical Business Manager, Nicole Durham said: “As a mother of two, flexibility and not missing those all-important moments in their lives is key to me.  The opportunity to increase holiday is also a help, especially in the long summer school holidays.  I have 39 days holiday for 2019 and can earn a further 6.5 days through good attendance and time keeping.  Barker Ross is a supportive employer and a business with a heart.”

On Flexible Hours, Mr Ross added: “We introduced staggered hours and opening our offices from 7.30 to 6pm – this is great for families or those that look after elderly people. We understand the balance here and listen to our people – we want to be flexible round their needs.  We also welcome

part timers.”

The company’s HR & Talent Manager, Louise Thompson, added: “Whilst the new benefits programme has only been in place for the last 3 months, the general mood in the office is more positive and we have seen an increase in the number of people contacting us wanting to join.  A decline in the leave of sickness over the last two months has also been noted.”

Ms Thompson added that the benefits package is also a key factor which is helping to keep the company’s annual employee turnover rate down to 5 percent, against a national average of 15 percent.

Barker Ross is now working on a charity and environmental strategy that will involve staff in its development and roll-out.