Barker Ross are raising funds to rescue a horse as one of their 30 Acts of Kindness


Rebecca Clements, Barker Ross Business Development Manager from Leicester is raising money to save horses from slaughter as part of 30 Acts of Kindness

Rebecca said: "Having seen what can be achieved through the Barker Ross 30 Acts of Kindness initiative I was keen to get involved and see what I could achieve for a cause I feel very passionately about. Animal welfare is very close to my heart. In particular I have a great love and respect for horses having ridden since I was 4 years old I know how incredibly loyal and kind hearted these beautiful creatures are.

Sadly I recently discovered that more than 80,000 American horses every year are being inhumanely slaughtered for human consumption overseas in Canada and Mexico. Horses bound for slaughter (who may include pregnant mares, foals and horses that are injured or blind) are commonly shipped for more than 24 hours at a time in cramped trucks without food, water or rest; some never even survive the journey to meet their gruesome end. The tragedy is the majority of these horses are young, healthy animals and even children’s ponies who could have led productive lives with loving owners if they’d only been given the chance.

In short horses that wind up at auctions in the USA face being bought for slaughter and their only hope is if someone bails them before they are shipped. Luckily there are numerous charities set up to rescue and rehabilitate horses so they can have a bright future and one such charity has agreed to do just this if we can raise enough money. We can then have the pleasure of seeing how ‘our horse’ is rescued and progresses over the months with proper care to eventually find a loving forever home. I believe this will be a wonderful thing to have played a part in and to see unfold.

I hope to raise £1500 to cover the costs of the bail, transportation, vets bills, general care and rehabilitation and I hope that you can donate even a pound as it all adds up or failing that just share the story."

Here is Rebecca's Go Fund Me page: