Barker Ross is organising charity football match to raise money for Jadi Best- a cancer fighter

Jadi Best   Barker Ross Organising Charity Football Match In Birmingham For Cancer Fighter

On Sunday 30th September Mark Boyes, Recruitment Consultant from Barker Ross Construction team based in Nottinham is organising a charity football match in aid of his friend Jadi Best. She is 30 years young and has been on a progressive journey through breast cancer since she was 22. At the age 28 she was diagnosed with stage 4 ‘incurable’ disease and her cancer was now in her bones, liver and lungs. Then, out of the blue, it decided it would progress again, this time to her brain. Her cancer is aggressive, unwilling to behave and unfortunately her treatment options are running out: time is of the essence. Therefore she thought if she could do a bit of her own research into different treatments and get a referral to another specialist cancer hospital perhaps, she may stand a chance at a longer lifespan with her family, husband and dogs, which would be her dream!

Barker Ross is doing as many fundraisers as possible with other members of our business at the moment and this one is just another one that we would like to get involved with and make it one of our 30 acts of kindness. 

Mark boyes said: "I would like some support from my colleagues at Barker Ross and any other people who may be around or are just interested in doing something for the right cause that day. So on the 30th September the game will kick off at 1pm at Bingham Town FC where a team of ex Pro’s will take on a Bingham All stars Team (including myself). The pro team will include stars from Leicester, Forest, Derby and Notts County.

I would like some help on the day with various tasks i.e bucket collections, running stalls, working on the gate plus many other things"

Below are some links which should give a good grasp of why we are doing this in the hope of raising £100k for Jadi treatment.

The links have lots of info about up and coming fundraisers and Video Blogs from Jadi as to how she is doing with treatment. 

If you wish to help, contact Mark via email  or call him on 0115 948 3757. 

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