Rest in peace Aivaras

Aivaras   Barker Ross Group Raises Money For Lithuanian Young Man Aivaras So He Can Rest In Peace

With the help of our colleagues, the Lithuanian Community and many others in the UK, £4000 has been raised to get Aivaras home to Lithuania where he can be laid to rest with his parents. He was a much loved young man who tragically drowned in the open water near Peterborough back in July of this year.

A few weeks ago one of our colleagues from Peterborough shared the very sad news with us that one of our temporary candidates was taken by the open water near Peterborough. Aivaras had been working for us over the past year and had been offered a permanent contract in one of the leading factories in Peterborough; heartbreakingly he never had the chance to accept it. Aivaras girlfriend, who also works for us said that his wish would have been to be buried in his home country next to his parents but for that to happen, she needed to raise £4,000.

We immediately set up a GoFundMe page and money started pouring in right away, as the time was ticking the business decided to match £2000 if £2000 was raised, so with our additional support we donated the full sum to the funeral director.

We would sincerely like to thank everyone who has shared and donated towards this fundraiser. Aivaras was a well respected and valued colleague who will be dearly missed by everyone that knew or worked with him. He was a funny, outgoing, supportive and positive young man and like every one of you that shared and donated we also felt that this was the right thing to do to offer some support. Donation to Aivaras funeral was one of our 30 acts of kindness.

you can read more information about this terrifying story here:…/two-men-die-open-water-swimming…/