Tilly received cheque from Barker Ross but there is more to come.

Ben Windridge And Tilly 30 Acts Of Kindness Barker Ross

We would like to thank everyone for their donations either online or from offices. We raised more than £120 and Ben Windridge from our Nottingham branch met Tilly yesterday to give her our cheque. 

"So yesterday I got to hand over a cheque to this little star “Tilly sweet” after a day of meetings it was a pleasure to be able to bring a smile to her face... It’s not about the amount it is about the ability to insert happiness into the hardest of situations.

Thanks to all my colleagues at Barker Ross for their assistance, without them it wouldn’t of been possible. And I will certainly be organising more fundraisers for this wonderful little girl.

She maybe 8 years of age and in a precarious position for one so young, but I am truly overwhelmed by her bravery, determination, personality and general persona, she is without question a credit to all her family and close friends .

Yet again a lesson learned that there are always people suffering and this little superstar only strengthens my view on how precious life is and how we should take nothing for granted, she simply astounded me, for once I am lost for words to describe how courageous she is.

Thank you for the card Tilly and Louise. I’ll share with the office tomorrow. It took me fifteen minutes of planning a Christmas Jumper Day, phone calls to management and a month to process but the 30 minutes in her company and that beaming smile are worth its weight in gold."

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