Help us to support Tilly Sweet - a brave brain tumour fighter

Tilly Sweet Barker Ross Group 30 Acts Of Kindness For Tilly Brain Tumour 2018

Tilly’s story 

Tilly sweet is an 8 year old girl that is close to my heart, her older sister Olivia is someone iv knew for a while. At aged just 20 months this brave little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumour, the prognosis initially was shrouded with uncertainty and in the coming years little Tilly has fought tenaciously to beat this dreaded disease.

Tilly who is from Tamworth (my home town) was told over a year ago that there were no signs of cancer however there was a chance the cancer could return, sadly earlier this year that has proved the case, it returned at the front of her head and spine and the family were informed that all indications showed that the disease was terminal.

Recently Tilly underwent medical trials at Alder hey Hospital, part of the surgery was having a Hickman line inserted in her chest that sits on top of the heart it’s a procedure known as “immunotherapy” despite this seeming daunting I’m assured that Tilly faced up to this in her usual brave and commendable manner and battled the surgeon once again!, unfortunately suffering complications Tilly was rushed into Intensive care and at one stage was described as 50/50 thankfully things stabilised and Tilly showed signs of recovery.

Things however took another dramatic turn this week when Doctors confirmed to Till’s family that treatment wise there is nothing currently they can do. As devastating as this news is to the family for her sake everyone is continuing to be positive and do what is best for this precious little girl.

In a nutshell here we have a beautiful healthily born girl who through no fault of her own has had to face this disease we call “Cancer” , in her darkest of days she has pulled her family through, she is an inspiration not just to them but to me personally and in fact her enthusiasm for life can be a lesson to all, Tilly sweet has proved that life has no boundaries when it comes to pain and undeserved treatment but she has also fought this horrible illness with pride, dignity and a zest for life like many adults would struggle to display. 

It is for all those reasons which I’m grateful to all of you guys at Barker Ross for giving me support , special thanks to Paul, the directors and Maria. All monies raised will go directly to Louise (Till’s mom) for them to use as they wish, I understand there is also a thanksgiving link set up for others outside to donate should they wish. (can provide)

Once again thank you all. I know the family will be overwhelmed by this and in fact all the support they receive. If I can bring one smile to that girls face then it means I have achieved something constructive in such an unpleasant time.

Why Tilly?

This year Barker Ross Group is celebrating 30 years in recruitment and so we have decided to give back to the local communities with '30 Acts of Kindness'.

There will be no 30 years party celebration, no chosen charity to donate to nor the business promotion because of that. Instead we want to do something different, something we are good at - helping others. We don't want to live in the kind of world where we don't look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. We cant change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but we can do our bit

The idea is for our employees to nominate what is close to their heart... whether that is replacing a stolen bike or paying a gas bill of an elderly neighbour.

We feel proud of doing such thing. We strongly believe in all charities around but what breaks our hearts is something that we see ourselves and that is the reason why we decided to do it differently. There are no real budgets to achieve. The more we get, the more we give away and 30 is just a number as we are aiming for more...

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