How children can inspire us and open our minds about what is important in life and the recruitment process.

How Children Can Inspire Us In Our Life And Clarify Recruitment Process Goals   Barker Ross

Louise Thompson, Barker Ross Group's HR Manager had rather interesting morning today. She was working on advertising a number of internal vacancies with her 8 years old daughter and this is the story she came up with:

"So today I find myself working from home due to my daughter suffering with tonsillitis, I am the Group HR Manager for the Barker Ross Group and one of my current tasks is to revive our job adverts in order to engage with key players within the market to achieve our continued growth commitments. After setting up my laptop and ensuring Georgia is settled I get to work and after some time she asks me “Mummy what are you doing” so I explain my task of trying to re-write our standard job adverts and she is keen to get involved. First I asked her to write some questions she thinks I should be asking of potential recruitment consultants.


  • Why do you want to join Barker Ross Group?
  • What can you bring to Barker Ross Group?
  • What do you want to be in Barker Ross Group?
  • How do you think you’ll do?


I then went on to ask Georgia what she thought would be important to her if she was coming for a job at Mummy’s work, to which she asked me the following questions:


  • Do you think I will be good?                                     
  • Can I have my own computer?                                
  • How much money do you get each month?        
  • Do you trust people that work here?                     
  • Is it funny in your office?
  • Will you care about me?


Just goes to show the simple world through a child’s eyes is very much the same principles’ we look for in our consultants, we just always over complicate rather than keeping things simple!"


Louise is currently advertising for a number of roles here at Barker Ross. Have a look on what she has on offer by checking below:

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