Tenerife trip for great team achievements? Why not!

Tenerife Trip Barker Ross Health And Social Care

A few weeks ago, our super Nottingham Health & Social Care team jetted for a long weekend in the winter sun of Tenerife – and enjoyed an all inclusive treat!

In the run up to year end, the team were set a target to deliver what was a branch best ever gross profit figure with 3 periods notice to achieve it!  The team, led by Farat Parveen, knuckled down and broke the numbers down into weekly figures so as to ensure they had a clear goal and an awareness of what this meant in terms of temps working and also perm revenue required to smash the target out of the park.

They made the figure visual on the boards in the office along with some pictures so that they could live and breathe the incentive to keep the goals insight.

The team approached this challenge with real passion, drive and huge ambition – not to mention sheer hard work and dedication to the task, often going above and beyond working till late at night, and of course ensuring a world class out of hours service during the evenings and weekends.

The team OVER achieved on the target that had been set and agreed with Helen Clark, MD of Barker Ross Health & Social Care.  Farat led the task from the absolute front as the top biller within Barker Ross Health & Social Care. She commented “I am really pleased that we won this incentive and that our hard work and efforts are recognised. I am incredibly proud of all of the team for hitting the figure and ending the year on a high. It’s now about making sure we keep the momentum going to ensure we can go on more weekends like this. When Helen first set the targets, the team weren’t sure how we were going to do it, but when we sat and broke it down and set clear goals, we made it because we kept referring to the goals. At times, as it was coming close to the end of the incentive, the team were still not sure we would do it, but we pulled it out of the bag!”

The team really enjoyed the break, some well earned cocktails and some fun in the sun. As the longest established and most successful branch within Barker Ross Health & Social Care their efforts have really helped inspire the rest of the division who have recently delivered a further best ever during Helen’s time with Barker Ross.

Its all about goals, hard work, knowing where you are going and how you are going to get there.