Internal training is vital for the long term business success

Training At Barker Ross Group

At Barker Ross Group, we believe that training is at the heart of everything we do. We invest heavily in world class training for our staff at all levels so that they are able to provide the highest possible service to our clients and to our candidates and maintain the reputation of our brand. The training we provide is ongoing and comprehensive and is delivered at all levels. It means we also have an enviable record of staff retention which in turn impacts positively on the service we can provide.

We employ a full time Manager and Trainer for our CRM system to ensure that our teams are able to track the best candidates in order to supply the absolute best staff to our clients, whatever they demand. It also means that our compliance systems and procedures are industry leading and these are further supported by our Group Compliance Manager. Whatever sector we supply, and whatever the compliance requirements are, the candidates we provide are the very best available and are vetted and managed to the highest standards. These standards are maintained through regular and ongoing training, both one to one, group and through the use of webinars. Whatever the demands and changes in our market place are, our consultants are fully up to date.

For our recruitment teams, we use the services of Jackie Handy of Runway Global. Jackie has over 20 years experience in the recruitment sector – both as a recruiter and as a NLP certified trainer. She provides a series of 3 day courses which are updated and refined annually. These cover sales, marketing, best practice in recruitment, management training, leading from the front, customer service and the candidate journey. The courses she provides are interactive, making use of the latest video and analytical techniques and are both informative and fun. The courses are always enjoyable, but also challenging and demanding with lots of course work and follow up to make sure the techniques she trains on are embedded into the Barker Ross Group culture.

Dean McEvoy, a Manager from Barker Ross Health and Social Care said: “Having just been on a 3 days course delivered by Jackie Handy I wanted to share with you how enjoyable it was. The feed back from each of the different sectors was brilliant. Personally it was a pleasure to meet less experienced members of the Barker Ross Group team who were so willing to learn and be open to new suggestions,  not just from Jackie but from other people in the group. At times I was envious  because they are clearly determined and so knowledgeable about their business. These staff are a credit to their Managers. Finally, I have nothing but praise for Jackie who doesn’t force her ideas on the group and doesn’t tell you her training will work all the time every time. She does emphasise though it is “best practise” and more often than not it will make you successful… Loved it! “

The cohorts for each course are picked from the 3 divisions of the group – Barker Ross Recruitment, Barker Ross Health and Social Care and Barker Ross Staffing Solutions. This means that our staff gain the best mix of different industries and different types of approach. It also means that our staff get to meet their colleagues from other parts of the group which really encourages cooperation and understanding within the company.