Hard work reaps big rewards at Barker Ross

Barker Ross Group Trip To Paris As A Team Of The Year Reward 2016 1024x768

Barker Ross London team wins Paris for a day.

Barker Ross’s ‘Team of the Year’ for 2016 was Barker Ross London, who were treated to a day trip to Paris this Autumn.
The ‘Team of the Year’ is awarded each year at the annual Barker Ross conference in July.
Paul Ross, founder and CEO of Barker Ross who gives the award on behalf of the board says:

“Recruitment is hard work and it takes special people to succeed. Often it is assumed recruiters are driven by money; but it isn’t that simple. Although financial incentives are important, being recognised and appreciated by both your management and your peer group is what motivates people. The ‘Team of the Year’ prize is our attempt to show our staff how much we value them and to recognise a great job they do.”

Mayur Ghedia, business manager for Barker Ross Recruitment in London said:

“I thought we were worthy winners as Team of the Year. The effort put in by all the team was phenomenal. I think one of the reasons we are successful is that we work as a team; we’re not just individuals sitting in the same office. This means we all try and make sure every customer and candidate gets exactly what they need, as we all help each other.”

“It’s great to be recognised, whether it is a nomination or in our case lucky enough to be winners. It has given us a feeling of pride and a sense of achievement. Having the prize awarded by your CEO is a special moment. “

The 7 team members travelled to Paris on the Eurostar for a full day of fun. First a coach tour, followed by a boat trip on the Seine, then lunch at the Eiffel Tower before wrapping up the day with an essential Paris shopping trip. In 2015, the Nottingham office won the Team of the Year and celebrated with a trip to Las Vegas.