Barker Ross Employees run the Cardiff Half Marathon

Barkero Ross Employees Run The Cardiff Half Marathon 2

A big congratulations to two of our Barker Ross Employees for running the Cardiff Half Marathon on the 4th October. Both from the local branch, Bethan Jones raised an incredible £740 for CLIC Sargent Children’s Cancer charity whilst Steve Lias raised a not too shabby £414 for the National Brain Appeal.

The pair did an amazing job. Running the Half Marathon is a hard task to accomplish, but it make people stronger when they run for a personal reason. Bethan said “The last 3 miles, I wanted the ground to swallow me up, but raising £760 made it all worth while in memory of a special little girl”. Steve took a more comical approach to the event, saying that he felt like Forrest Gump when running as he just couldn’t stop. Steve is now setting his sights a head to the World Half Marathon in March 2016.